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Firm Overview


As a business consultancy firm in Turkey, GSI Meridian is principally engaged in providing a wide range of consultancy services to local and international clients in their domestic and cross-border transactions.

Our mission is to provide reliable, cost-effective and solution-driven services, tailored to meet our clients’ needs with an uncompromising standard of quality. To ensure our clients receive thorough assistance, we also aim to provide all the services needed for clients to conduct business and maximize their potential, made possible by our network of leading domestic and international experts.

As we grow, our strategy is not to expand to be the largest in size, but rather to maintain steady expansion, preserving our high standards of service, especially in our specialized areas of practice and industries.

Our team is our greatest asset. We therefore work only with skilled counselors who have proven their integrity and commitment to professional ethics. Our team is comprised of experienced and dynamic professionals. The majority of our experts have LL.M. or Ph.D. degrees from reputable schools in Turkey or abroad and all of them are at least bilingual.