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Selçuk Akgün

Selçuk Akgün Executive Senior Associate
+ 90 212 381 80 59


During his year and a half tenure in Bartın, Mr. Akgün served as a prosecutor at the High Criminal Court Trial Office and Public Prosecutor’s Office, and during recesses in the legal year, was a public prosecutor for criminal cases. He served as an investigating prosecutor in organized crime, civil, terror and primarily criminal cases.

He pursues cases of economic crimes, crimes against individuals, press criminal law and juvenile criminal law in our criminal department. In cases where clients are imprisoned, he provides services such as appealing the decision to arrest, providing legal consultancy during the police investigation and during interrogation by the public prosecutor, being present during the search process, appealing the decisions of search and arrest, and attending the trials in first instance and supreme courts, as necessary.

If the client is the victim, he also provides services such as collection of evidence, being present during the search process, requesting to join the hearing and following trials.

Where legally necessary, another service he offers is application to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and pursing cases before the ECHR.

EDUCATION: LL.B., İstanbul University, Turkey, 2002

B.S., Kocaeli University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 1997