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Turkey’s current policy of privatization and the rapid technological advances in the sector have led to frequent changes to the legislation surrounding the industry as well as company practices. As a constantly evolving industry, telecommunications requires extra vigilance and constant monitoring to ensure legal compliance and best practices.

GSI Meridian counselors stay current on the changing needs of the sector in order to serve clients accordingly. Our team performs a variety of consultancy services depending on the clients’ needs, such as serving as a special counsel for digital strategy and information technology matters for private and public sector clients, and providing corporate, commercial, and financial advice to entrepreneurial technology clients.

Our range of service covers the representation of major telecommunication companies on a vast range of technological, transactional and regulatory matters.

In Brief:

  • Telecommunication Licenses 
  • Roaming and Interconnection Agreements
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Competition Law and Merger Control
  • Tariff Structures
  • Intellectual Property Rights 
  • Data Protection 
  • Technology Development and Licensing