Lending a uniquely coordinated experience to empower our clients.
GSI Meridian is a boutique full-service consultancy firm in Turkey, which provides an exceptionally comprehensive expertise, coordinating extensive financial, legal, digital and management experiences to both national and international firms.
With the proven record of our partners and advisor long standing and diverse experience, we offer our clients delivering the most inclusive and coordinated advice to our clients and help them to set and achieve their short and long-term targets.
What GSI uniquely offers and contributes to its clients is to actively assist them on full process-management of their projects as well, backed with a greatly AI supported digital infrastructure that is customized and exclusive to GSI, operating at the backend.
Our intellectual capital and sector-specific experiences ensure the clients to take the soundest steps in terms of the business strategies towards their goals, while our digital infrastructure and know-how greatly maximizes the efficiency of management process as well as the success of the implementation of the clients’ strategy, because, we build up the system on a production of actionable data and thus, a data-driven decision making process.
GSI is committed to providing sector and client-specific customized guidance for the clients, keeping their goals paramount and complied with the best practises; because we believe that we can only grow and advance together with our clients.