Strategy & Governance

We bring in the know-how for the clients to get more competitive with an advancement in maximum efficiency while minimizing time-consumption and money cost.
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Deal Structuring
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Sustainability Management
Board Advisory
Our consultancy services include not only development of a strategy but also assistance in implementation as well.
Our key strength in strategy is being able to develop not only a full-fledged and multi-layered strategies to set and achieve general business goals for companies but also we design customized strategies, specific to deals and projects and engineer their roadmaps as well accordingly.
Our strategies, therefore, suggest and include a perspective for digital transformation as well. Along with digital transformation, we offer organizational as well as cultural change, -if the need be-, within the corporates. Because, if the strategy is to take the rightest steps, in the rightest time towards the right direction at macro-management level, it needs a great deal of coordination, processing and management of knowledge and your organization. They all constitute the components of an interlinked linked process and overall strategy.
In addition to strategic advices, we do also offer assistance to the boards of the companies for a better governance at macro level and for best practise advises during the implementation of the strategies in plan, which is highly critical for a sustainable success, especially during transformation process.
GSI advisors equally offer highly practical assistance in handling specific cases and provide more micro-management advices either on project basis specifically or to the board members on specific issues which need specific experience and expertise.
Our AI backed digital infrastructure platform gives a great advantage to the clients, because it creates actionable & classified data to rely on, offer unparallel speed of access to coordinated knowledge and great time-saving in handling issues and minimization of human errs and negligence thanks to AI operating in the system, all of which brings a highly competitive edge for the clients in terms of maximized management efficiency, minimized time consumption and money-saving.